In Short::
    The Yellow Camaro option was created to make your fencing choices simpler and less expensive.  We understand that not everyone wants a fancy, luxurious fence full of elaborate details. 

What’s really happening::
      Barletta’s standards for fence constructions are maxed out, but unfortunately, prices tend to be a little higher than what customers would prefer.  What many don’t notice is that Barletta’s construction rules are what makes our fences last over 20 years, when other companies‘ fences are being replaced not even 10 years from its construction.  Since people shop by price and sometimes don’t read the details in what is included in the quote, some customers are hiring poor quality/cheap companies.  A lot of cheap companies cut corners in order to be able to offer those “excellent deals,” specially if they know the homeowner won’t be home to supervise the job. We’ve personally seen them set posts only a foot and half deep, and sometimes even without concrete!    We’ve seen a few retaining wall posts that have just been jammed into the save them time.  The fence looks sturdy because of all the posts, but once the dirt underneath shifts a bit, it reveals the end of the stud post not even 2 inches below the base of the fence! And the customer is paying for the materials/labor of the real thing. (Great deal huh?) 

    So we’re here to save you!  Pick the right company from the start. It’ll save you time and money! We are an honest company that has been around since 1982, and we don’t like seeing people get ripped off. So here we are, introducing the Yellow Camaro option.

Call us for a free estimate and ask for the Yellow Camaro!

How did you come up with that name?

Julio’s favorite color is yellow, and it’s the same shade as Barletta’s to represent affiliation.  
The Camaro part:
Since not everyone could afford a Corvette, Chevrolet introduced Camaros to give their customers an affordable car that gave buyers the same thrill and experience.

Barletta’s Yellow Camaro does the same; it gives our clients a good fence at very competitive prices.

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